Nana's Game



Tang Guan Guan (Serena Fang) is a single-minded and ruthless TV producer at the WTV television network. She is charged with creating a unique reality TV program like no other – for fans of horror and suspense. The show involves sending five contestants to spend 72 hours in a house where a terrible murder is supposed to have been committed. The house is notoriously spooky and located in a remote area, far away from other signs of civilization, and some say that it is haunted by terrifying ghosts. At stake is a large cash prize, and the producer and her long-suffering crew decide to select their contestants from the world of social media and popular entertainment. Their number includes the YouTuber Fang Cheng Wei (Marcus Chang), whose channel is dedicated to discovering the truth behind so-called ghost tales. Also taking part are a self-proclaimed, attention-seeking vigilante (Zhang Guang Chen), an arch-skeptic who blogs about her disbelief in all things supernatural-related (Beatrice Fang), a bubbly and flirtatious cookery vlogger (Huang Muyan), and a TV talk show veteran whose career is beginning to stall (Ma Nian Xian). As the filming begins, things begin to get decidedly spooky – but the contestants are unsure as to whether the house really is haunted, or if the production staff is just trying to play tricks on them! “Nana’s Game” is a 2018 Taiwanese movie that was directed by Kitamura Toyharu.