Dark Is The Night

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As the daughter of one of the nation’s wealthiest, most powerful families, many believed Cheng Yuan Fang (Annie Chen) was nothing more than a spoiled princess, living a perfect fairytale life. But in reality, Yuan Fang’s life was anything but perfect. As the daughter of such a powerful family, Yuan Fang was well aware that her family kept a number of dark secrets, which is why when her sister-in-law, Hsiao Han Ting went missing, Yuan Fang took it upon herself to find out why. Secretly calling upon the help of Ah Young and Kevin, Yuan Fang sets out to unravel the mystery behind her sister-in-law’s disappearance. But the deeper they dig into the events leading up to Han Ting’s disappearance, the more horrifying things become. Following a trail of evidence that leads directly to her brother, Cheng Yuan Chun, Yuan Fang begins to fear for Han Ting’s life; her fear only growing stronger as they continue on their dark quest. Painfully aware that Yuan Fang may be in more danger than she realizes, Ah Young is determined to protect her at all costs. Can he find a way to save her from such a dark fate when they themselves have now become the hunted? A thrilling mystery from start to finish, “Dark Is The Night” is a 2019 Taiwanese film directed by You Han Ting.