Fourth of September

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Caught up in a gambling scam that left him deeply in debt, Chang Ming Chieh (Tuo Tsung Hua) soon found himself hunted by those sent to collect the astronomical sum. Terrified of what might happen should they find him, Ming Chieh decides his only course of action is to flee. Packing up his oblivious family of four, Ming Chieh quickly moves them to a rental house in Hualien, far from the ruthless men who hunt him. Disappointed by such an inexplicable and sudden move, both Ming Chieh’s wife, Hsiao Ting Wen (Li Xing) and daughter have no qualms about voicing their unhappiness, especially after they began to hear whisperings of a grisly murder which had taken place in their new home, several years ago. Despite the fact that his family was obviously distrubed by the rumors and the odd feeling none of them could shake, Ming Chieh refuses to believe his new home might be haunted. Even after being visited by Hu Lao, the officer still investigating the gruesome murder, Ming Chieh blatantly ignores the officer’s warnings about the Fourth of September curse, and the doom that it may bring. Terrified of what might happen should they stay, Ting Wen tries to flee with the children but is caught by Ming Chieh. Unwilling to let his family leave, Ming Chieh will stop at nothing to keep them with him, even if it means going to horrifying extremes. A haunting tale of crime and mystery, “Fourth of September” is a 2018 Taiwanese film directed by Zeng Jing Yi.