A Tale of a Two-timer



Mai Da (Sam Lin) is a young, somewhat goofy-looking man with a turbulent love life! His girlfriend Ke Qian (Lee Yee Jin) leaves him to study abroad. He decides to leave the big city and return to his southern hometown and find a job. He eventually finds work in an advertising firm, but things take a sudden turn for the weird when a dangerous gangster’s daughter, a woman named Wei Wei (Chen Ting Xuan), abducts him and forces him to become her boyfriend. The straight-laced Mai Da wants to stay loyal to Ke Qian, but Wei Wei gives him no choice in the matter. Then things get really awkward when Ke Qian (now played by Lin Ying Zhen) returns suddenly, having had face-changing plastic surgery. She is keen to reignite her romance with Mai Da, unaware of what is going on between him and Wei Wei. He tries to reject her advances, but when a traffic accident leads to hospitalization, a whole host of secrets threaten to come spilling out of the bag! “A Tale of a Two-timer” is a Taiwanese romantic comedy movie that was directed by Ma Jin Da and Lin Min Xiang.