My Gift

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As a successful architect, happily married to the love of his life, Zhang Xiao Yu (Ivy Shao), Zhao Yi Zhong (Chris Wu) was literally living the dream. He thought he had everything his heart could ever want until the day Xiao Yu told him she was pregnant. Absolutely overjoyed, Yi Zhong couldn’t wait to become a father, realizing that this new addition to the family would make his life truly complete. But his happiness at becoming a father was soon overshadowed by unspeakable sorrow. Diagnosed with bone cancer soon after Xiao Yu’s news made him the happiest of men, Yi Zhong is beside himself with grief. Realizing he won’t be there for his child when they need him most, Yi Zhong decides to share his life experiences in the only way he knows how. Shooting video after video, Yi Zhong shares his daily life and words of wisdom with the child he will never know, hoping that in doing so, he will always be there for them, anytime they may need him.  Unfortunately, Yi Zhong’s health takes a turn for the worse, forcing him to set aside his project long before he is finished. With Xiao Yu by his side, will Yi Zhong be able to finish what could very well become his life’s greatest work? A bittersweet story of love and family, “My Gift” is a 2017 Taiwanese film directed by Wang Ding Lin.