When Mary Met Johnny

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Johnny (William) is a 25-year-old man, filled with sexual desire, who longs to have a real relationship with a woman. Every time he sees an attractive woman, he gets a nosebleed. His long-suffering mother Meng Jie (Samantha Ko) is worried that his lust will get the better of him, and that he will end up getting a woman pregnant. But his life is changed on the day he decides to seek out baking lessons from Mary (June), a baking teacher who is 15 years older than him – and also happens to be a friend of his mother. Mary is wary of Johnny’s affections, and thinks that a relationship between them would be totally inappropriate. But Cupid has other plans for them. Eventually, she finds that fighting her feelings is a fruitless struggle – and finds herself seriously beginning on a romance with the younger man. But things take a turn when Johnny must go abroad to Italy to study. And then the situation gets extremely awkward when Johnny’s stunned mother learns of Mary’s love for her son. Will the pressure drive them apart – or can romance win the day? “When Johnny Met Mary” is a 2016 Taiwanese movie that was directed by Li Ding.