Winnie the Boob

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Winnie Qian (Jade Chou) is a successful woman with a promising career – and just one complex: She hates being flat-chested. She is head-over-heels in love with her boyfriend and colleague Da Wei (Chris Wu), who is also besotted with her – to the point where he even arrives at a work event to profess his love for her and propose in front of their workmates. But the fact that she is flat-chested never fails to bug her. Ever since her school days, when she was mocked by girls with larger breasts, she has wished she could become more buxom. Even during their most passionate moments together, she won’t let Da Wei touch her chest. Then, one day, her worst nightmare comes true. A new large-chested co-worker named Wang Tai Li (Li Yan Jing) arrives at the office – and she’s not afraid to show some cleavage! Winnie starts to worry that Wang Tai Li could turn Da Wei’s head...and starts to wonder if perhaps she ought to take a very drastic step to ensure that she too has the power to captivate the man she loves! “Winnie the Boob” is a 2014 Taiwanese movie that was directed by Zhu Jia Lin.