Race to Freedom - Um Bok Dong

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With his family struggling to make ends meet, Uhm Bok Dong (Rain) dutifully does his part to help out by selling water to local merchants. Tired of the daily struggle to carry water to his customers, Bok Dong dreams of someday being able to make his deliveries on wheels. As if fate had been listening to his silent prayers, Bok Dong soon comes across a man selling a bicycle. Sharing his dream with his siblings, his younger brother decides to help Bok Dong turn his dream into a reality by using his school tuition money to buy the bicycle. But Bok Dong’s joy soon turns to sorrow as his newly acquired bike is stolen. After facing the wrath of his furious father, Bok Dong has no choice but to find a way to pay his brother back. Leaving his small town, he travels to Seoul, where he soon comes across an advertisement for an upcoming bicycle competition organized by the Japanese Government General of Korea. Enticed by the prize money, Bok Dong enters the race. Competing against Japanese and Korean participants alike, Bok Dong beats them all, taking home the title of champion, as well as the prize money. A month later, he wins his second race and becomes a national hero overnight. Raising the spirits of his fellow countrymen, in a time of Japanese colonial rule, Bok Dong’s string of victories bring with them a glimmer of hope; but not everyone is pleased with Bok Dong’s success. Desperate to put an end to Bok Dong’s winning streak, the Japanese referees are willing to do anything; but will their efforts be enough to stop this hero of the people? Inspired by the true story of famed cyclist Uhm Bok Dong, “Race to Freedom - Um Bok Dong” is a 2019 biographical drama film directed by Kim Yoo Sung.