Homme Fatale

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The son of a gisaeng, Heo Saek (Lee Junho) grew up surrounded by the lovely ladies who worked alongside his mother at his aunt’s popular gibang, Yeonpoonggak. Well acquainted with the suffering and oppression these beautiful women of Joseon were forced to endure, Heo Saek decided at a young age to ease their suffering by helping them any way that he could. True to his word, when his aunt’s business begins to fail, Heo Saek takes it upon himself to help by becoming the first-ever male gisaeng.  A charming bachelor with unquestionable good-looks, Heo Saek’s unorthodox debut makes him an overnight success. Drawing the attention of women from far and wide, Heo Saek is more than capable of winning the heart of any woman he meets. Or so he thought. A beauty among beauties, Hae Won (Jung So Min) has no trouble capturing the attention of men. But as soon as she opens her mouth, her sharp mind and progressive thinking send them running. Instantly attracted to Hae Won’s beauty, Heo Saek turns on the charm and is shocked to find that Hae Won isn’t the least bit impressed. Determined to find out what makes this woman tick, Heo Saek won’t let Hae Won go so easily. On a journey of her own, to find her one true love, is it possible the man Hae Won has been searching for her entire life is the beautiful gisaeng standing before her? A delightful story full of laughs, “Homme Fatale” is a 2019 historical romantic comedy film directed by Nam Dae Joong.