With or Without You

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Woo Yeon Yi (Jeon Hye Bin) is an actress who has found work hard to come by after a furious row with a director on the set of a movie she was making. Her career has come to a relative standstill and she now has to teach acting in order to make ends meet. She also has an unconventional relationship with her ex-husband, the up-and-coming screenwriter Oh Seon Jae (Shin Min Cheol), whom she divorced shortly after marrying. The duo has been working on a movie script based on the story of their relationship, but they continue to have disputes over the direction of the story. And when the script is picked up by a studio, the former lovers find themselves at loggerheads over creative matters. To make matters even weirder, old feelings start to come to the surface. Could they get a second chance at love after all this time – and how will the world judge their relationship when it finally hits the silver screen? “With or Without You” is a 2016 South Korean movie that was directed by Jo Seung Eun.