Black Money

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Yang Min Hyuk (Jo Jin Woong) works at the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office. But his career and life take a dramatic turn when he investigates a case involving a woman whose car careered around the freeway, crashing into a number of other vehicles. As he is investigating the case, the woman is suddenly found dead in what appears to have been a suicide. However, police find that the last message sent from the dead woman’s phone explains that had been sexually assaulted by Yang Min Hyuk. Yang Min Hyuk becomes the subject of an investigation himself. But as he tries to prove his innocence, he starts to suspect that she may not have taken her own life after all. Instead, he discovers that her death might have been somehow linked to the sale of a bank whose lawyer is Kim Na Ri (Honey Lee). As he continues to seek the truth, he realizes that the case is sucking him into the heart of a huge financial scandal... “Black Money” is a 2019 South Korean movie that was directed by Chung Ji Young.