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Seo Jin (Kim Moo Yeol) is an architect whose wife was killed in an apparent hit-and-run traffic incident six months ago, leaving him to care for their young daughter on his own, as well as continue his work. He has also vowed to find the driver who was responsible for his wife’s death. One day, he receives a mysterious phone call from an orphanage. The caller says that Seo Jin’s sister Yoo Jin (Song Ji Hyo), who was abducted 25 years ago, has been found and is working in a hospital. Seo Jin visits the hospital, where a colleague speaks about her with glowing praise. He brings Yoo Jin to meet the rest of the family, and they are instantly won over by her charms, delighted to be reunited with her after all this time. But something appears to be very off about this woman – a fact that only Seo Jin seems to notice. When he begins to suspect that she may not be who she claims to be, and could somehow be involved in his wife’s death, a web of mysteries slowly begins to untangle... “Intruder” is a 2020 South Korean movie that was directed by Son Won Pyung.