The Vanished

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Yoon Seol Hee (Kim Hee Ae) is a powerful businesswoman from a hugely wealthy family. One day, she dies very unexpectedly, and to add to the intrigue, the body vanishes from the morgue shortly after. Woo Jung Sik (Kim Sang Kyung), a once-brilliant but now ostensibly washed-up detective with a past shrouded in mystery is assigned to the case. Suspicion begins to fall on the woman’s widower Park Jin Han (Kim Kang Woo), a university professor who has been secretly having an affair with Hye Jin (Han Ji An), one of his students. Although the evidence suggesting that Park Jin Han played a part in his wife’s death is at first very slim, Woo Jung Sik seems to have a hunch that the professor was somehow involved. As the investigation, the plot thickens – never more so than when Park Jin Han starts receiving text messages...from his “dead wife.” This movie was based on the 2012 Spanish film “The Body.” “The Vanished” is a 2018 South Korean movie that was directed by Lee Chang Hee.