Miss Conspirator

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Living with a debilitating phobia of all forms of social interaction, Chun Soo Ro (Go Hyun Jung) has done the best she can to make a life for herself. A timid and slightly geeky cartoonist, Soo Ro does well enough when it comes to work, but her constant panic attacks make it nearly impossible for her to leave her home. Relying heavily on her sister’s help, Soo Ro is devastated by the fact that her sister is about to leave the country.  Overcoming her fears long enough to accompany her sister to the Busan port terminal, Soo Ro bids her sister farewell; but her ability to fight off the rising panic she feels only lasts so long. Stricken by a panic attack before she can even leave the terminal, Soo Ro is helped by a nearby nun. To repay the woman for her kindness, Soo Ro agrees to deliver flowers and a cake for her; but upon arriving at the provided address, she finds the intended recipient dead! Fleeing the scene in terror, Soo Ro soon finds herself unwillingly caught up in the middle of a multi-million dollar drug operation. Wanted by the police and hunted by not one but two of the area’s biggest crime syndicates, Soo Ro finds herself accepting the help of five strangers who manage to turn her life completely upside down. Will she ever find a way out of this mess or will she end up embracing this new life of crime? A story of cake and crime, “Miss Conspirator” is a 2012 action comedy film directed by Park Chul Kwan.