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A promising police academy cadet, Min Soo Ah (Kim Ha Neul) was well on her way to becoming an exemplary police officer. But when tragedy strikes, Soo Ah is left to pick up the pieces of her once-perfect life without her surrogate brother, Dong Hyun, or her eyesight. Three years later, the pain of that tragic accident still lingers, making it nearly impossible for Soo Ah to carry on.  Often visiting the remote orphanage where she and Dong Hyun grew up, Soo Ah calls for a taxi to come take her home after each visit. Unable to see that the car pulling up in front of her this time isn’t a taxi, Soo Ah gets in, with no idea that she is now in the presence of a killer. Saved from the clutches of a serial killer by a gruesome twist of fate, Soo Ah takes her story to the police, who have a very hard time taking the words of a blind woman seriously. Only after Detective Jo (Cho Hee Bong) sees the ties between Soo Ah’s story and the string of missing women cases, does he take her case seriously. With the help of Kwon Gi Seob (Yoo Seung Ho), a local delivery boy who happened to witness the vehicle Soo Ah escaped from at the crime scene, Detective Jo closes in on the killer; while at the same time, the killer closes in on them. Hunting down Go Seob and Soo Ah, the killer (Yang Young Jo) gets dangerously close to catching his prey. Will the Detective be able to stop this sadistic killer before he’s able to strike again? A multi-award winning film, “Blind” is a 2011 crime thriller film directed by Ahn Sang Hoon.