You Call It Passion

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Do Ra Hee (Park Bo Young) is a young and idealistic graduate who has just landed what she thinks will be her dream internship at the entertainment desk of a major newspaper. But her dreams are shattered in a mere instant when she meets the hot-tempered, foul-mouthed entertainment section manager Ha Jae Kwan (Jung Jae Young). Before she has even said hello to him, she witnesses him flying into a rage and smashing his office telephone to pieces in a curse-filled rage. He then berates her for a lack of “passion” and proceeds to inform her that there will be no time off for her if she joins the desk, not even at weekends. She does her best to get on his good side by writing stories, most of which he tears up in front of her face – demanding scandal-filled exclusives. But when she is ordered to write up a suspicious-looking story about an actor who allegedly committed sexual assault, she starts to realize that the information she has been given may have been fabricated. Do Ra Hee decides to defy her section editor and investigate for herself… “You Call it Passion” is a 2015 South Korean movie that was directed and co-written by Jeong Gi Hun.