Missing You

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At seven years old, Hee Joo (Shim Eun Kyung) lost her father. Working as a detective on a string of grisly murders, Hee Joo’s father was murdered by Ki Bum (Kim Sung Oh), the very same serial killer he was trying to catch. Eventually arrested, Ki Bum was tried for the series of brutal murders but with a lack of evidence to link him to every murder, he was only found guilty on a single charge. Sentenced to prison for the murder of his cheating girlfriend, Ki Bum was locked away, but not for life. Taking Hee Joo in after the death of her father, Detective Dae Young (Yoon Je Moon) has raised her as his own. Now, fifteen years later, Hee Joo has become a sort of mascot of the precinct where she volunteers, a living reminder of what the police work to protect and serve. With Ki Bum’s imminent release looming ever-closer, both Dae Young and Hee Joo find themselves wondering what they’ll do once he’s made a free man. Having worked on the original case with Hee Joo’s father, Detective Dae Young (Yoon Je Moon) is determined to put Ki Bum back in jail. But Hee Joo has plans of her own. As Dae Young seeks to find the evidence he needs to put Ki Bum back in prison, Hee Joo seeks her own sort of revenge. Soon trapped in a tangled web of murder and lies, each one begins to wonder which of them will come out alive? An intense story of revenge, “Missing You” is a 2016 thriller film written and directed by Mo Hong Jin.