The Cat



Working as a groomer at a local pet shop, So Yeon (Park Min Young) has an extensive list of four-legged clients. Having recently groomed a Persian cat by the name of Bidanyi, So Yeon is shocked to find that the cat’s owner has passed away. As one of the officers working on the case, So Yeon’s friend, Kim Jun Seok (Kim Dong Wook) knows she’s familiar with the cat and asks her to take care of it while the investigation into the owner’s death continues. Unable to say no, So Yeon takes the cat home but in doing so, she invites more than just a cat into her life. With Bidanyi now a part of her daily life, So Yeon is soon plagued by nightmares of a young girl with cat-like eyes; a girl who quickly begins to appear as horrifying hallucinations during So Yeon’s waking hours. Terrified, So Yeon tries to understand why this terrifying child continues to haunt her. Seeking the advice of her friend, Bo Hee (Shin Da Eun), So Yeon is only further troubled when she learns that after adopting a cat of her own, her friend has also started seeing the cat-eyed girl. With no idea how to rid herself and Bo Hee of these awful nightmares, So Yeon seeks the help of Jun Seok; but he has more than enough problems of his own as a string of mysterious deaths has the entire precinct baffled. Working together, So Yeon and Jun Seok begin to make a connection between the cat-eyed girl, Bidanyi, and the steadily increasing number of mysterious deaths. But will they be able to fit all the pieces of this puzzle together before it’s too late? A terrifying thriller from start to finish, “The Cat” is a 2011 horror film directed by Byun Seung Wook.