The Senior Class

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Joo Hee (voiced by Kang Jin Ah) is an art school student who dreams of graduating and then moving to France to study. She is the most popular woman at school and also happens to be the most talented artist in her class. She is famously aloof and hard to approach, but her beauty has won her many admirers, including Jung Woo (voiced by Lee Joo Seung). He is a would-be web-based cartoon strip (webtoon) writer, but cannot even pluck up the courage to talk to Joo Hee. But one fateful day, Dong Hwa (voiced by Jung Young Ki), Jung Woo’s slacker, woman-chasing best friend, asks Joo Hee to cover his shift. Dong Hwa works part-time in the delivery business. Jung Woo agrees, and is told to make a delivery to an expensive apartment complex – where he is shocked to discover that Ju Hee is working in a shady club as an escort to wealthy male clients. She begs him to keep her secret from the rest of the class, and he decides to agree. The shared secret brings them closer together. But when someone else in the class discovers the truth of Ju Hee’s double life, dangerous rumors start to circulate… “The Senior Class” is a 2016 South Korean animated movie that was directed by Hong Deok Pyo.