Inseparable Bros

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Se Ha (Shin Ha Kyun) and Dong Goo (Lee Kwang Soo) may not be related by blood, but for the past twenty years, they have been friends with an unshakable bond. Closer than any two brothers, Se Han and Dong Goo have helped each other overcome every challenge life has brought their way. And those challenges have been numerous, to say the least. With a brilliant mind and an impressive way with words, Se Ha uses his gifts to speak up for those who, like himself, are often overlooked or worse, mistreated, by those around them. Confined to a wheelchair, Se Ha may not be able to fight against society's injustices physically, but that hasn’t stopped him from finding ways to speak up and fight back against the prejudices of an ableist society. Standing tall by his side is Dong Goo who, at first glance, seems to be everything Se Ha is not. In excellent physical condition, Dong Goo is capable of taking on any physical task, but being mentally challenged, he relies heavily on Se Ha’s nurture and support.  Strong where the other is weak, Se Ha and Dong Goo have spent the past twenty years looking out for each other. But will things change when they meet a young woman who treats them as equals, without any sort of prejudice? A heart-warming story of unwavering brotherly love, “Inseparable Bros” is a 2019 comedy drama film directed by Yook Sang Hyo.