The Grand Heist



As the son of a nobleman during the Joseon Dynasty, Duk Moo (Cha Tae Hyun) shouldn’t have had any problems securing a government position. But even with his noble father, having a concubine for a mother meant such a prestigious position was far beyond his reach. With no other choice but pursue some other line of work, Duk Moo turned his attention to the marketplace, where he eventually set himself up as a bookseller.  Doing his best to earn an honest living, Duk Moo has always had a hard time accepting the corrupt noblemen who make life for others, like himself, so incredibly difficult. As awful as some nobles are, none is as vile as Jo Myung Soo (Nam Kyung Eup). With plans to monopolize the most valuable commodity of the entire era, ice, the only one standing between the corrupt minister and this lucrative monopoly is Du Moo’s father, Dong Soo (Oh Ji Ho). Determined to have his way, Myung Soo devises a plan to remove Dong Soo from his position; but Du Moo refuses to let this crooked politician get away with his vile schemes. Recruiting a team of highly skilled professionals, Duk Moo sets out to have his revenge in the most unexpected way possible.  With a plan to steal the entire royal supply of ice in a single night, Duk Moo and his team set out to do the impossible. Will they be able to pull off this incredible heist or will they be forced to admit defeat? Full of hilarious antics and non-stop shenanigans, “The Grand Heist” is a 2012 historical comedy film directed by Kim Joo Ho.