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Lee Min Jae (Im Siwan) is an ostensibly poor and defenseless university student who appears to be in urgent need of money in order to stay afloat. He comes to loan broker Jang Seok Goo (Jin Goo) and his violent right-hand man Park Ji Won (Park Byung Eun) looking for help. Jang Seok Goo sees himself as something of a modern-day Robin Hood, helping poor people get money from super-rich corporate banks using clever but fraudulent tactics. He agrees to help Lee Min Jae, dressing him up as an office worker and helping him falsify documents so he can secure a bank loan. But Jang Seok Goo soon learns that Lee Min Jae is actually a talented scammer in his own right – and has duped him out of his brokerage fee with help from a budding young forger. Intrigued, he suggests that Lee Min Jae joins his operation as a loan broker. The latter agrees. But when the police come calling for Jang Seok Goo, Lee Min Jae finds himself pitted against Park Ji Won...who proves to be an altogether more ruthless opponent. “One-Line” is a 2017 South Korean movie that was written and directed by Yang Kyung Mo.