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Taek Il (Park Jung Min) is 18 and unhappy with his lot. His life is going nowhere, much like the faulty motorbike he bought online and now can’t get to work. After a bitter quarrel with his nagging mother, he decides to run away from home to a town named Gunsan where he finds work at a Chinese restaurant. He has a run-in with the restaurant’s cook, the burly and ostensibly ill-tempered Geo Seok (Ma Dong Seok). Although they get off on the wrong foot, they start to develop an unorthodox friendship, which mostly involves baiting each other and threatening one another with violence. Little by little, Taek Il begins to understand that Geo Seok is hiding a mysterious and unhappy secret. Things get even more hectic for Taek Il when his best friend Sang Pil (Jung Hae In), who is trying to support his ailing grandmother, who is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, reveals that he is to take up a job in “finance” – a position that turns out to involve little more than collecting debts for unscrupulous loan sharks. The trio embarks on a journey of discovery as they try to carve out a future for themselves in an uncertain world… This film was based on a web-based cartoon series named “Start” by author Jo Geum San. “Start-Up” is a 2019 South Korean movie that was written and directed by Choi Jung Yeol.