Cheer Up, Mr. Lee

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Living with a developmental disability, life for Cheol Soo (Cha Seung Won) has never been easy, but he’s never been one to complain. Loved and cared for by his younger brother, Young Soo (Park Hae Joon) and his family, Cheol Soo’s greatest joys in life are found in the simplicity of his daily routine: making noodles at his brother’s restaurant and working out at his favorite gym. But life for Cheol Soo takes a complicated turn, the day a woman on the street stops him to ask for directions. Not realizing that this woman is actually his ex-mother-in-law, Hee Ja (Kim Hye Ok), Cheol Soo agrees to help. Before he knows it, he’s having his blood drawn at a nearby hospital while Hee Ja looks on. Utterly confused, Cheol Soo is rescued by his brother, but not before meeting Saet Byeol (Um Chae Young), a young girl currently battling leukemia. Immediately recognizing Hee Ja, Young Soo confronts her, demanding an explanation. With little other choice, Hee Ja confesses everything, including the fact that Saet Byeol is Cheol Soo’s daughter.  Returning to the hospital the next day, Cheol Soo catches Saet Byeol trying to sneak out. Admitting she was trying to get to Daegu to get the autograph of a famous baseball player for her friend, Cheol Soo agrees to accompany her. Setting off together, the two embark on an adventure that could very well change both of their lives forever. An emotional, heart-warming story, “Cheer Up, Mr. Lee” is a 2019 comedy drama film directed by Lee Gae Byok.