Fashion King



Just another average high school student, Woo Ki Myung (Joo Won) is about as ordinary as they come. With no real achievements to his name, and nothing about him causing him to stand out among his peers, he easily blends in with the crowd. Though blending in has worked for Ki Myung up to this point, having a crush on Park Hye Jin (Park Se Young), the prettiest girl in the school, means blending in is no longer an option. Determined to not only catch Hye Jin’s eye but be worthy enough to stand by her side, Ki Myung decides to transform himself into the most fabulous guy in the world. Changing everything about himself, from his looks to his demeanor, Ki Myung looks to his mentor, Kim Nam Jung (Kim Sung Oh) for advice. Introducing Ki Myung to the world of fashion, Nam Jung helps his young progetee with his transformation, but such drastic changes come with a price. Catching the attention of the school’s toughest fighter, Kim Won Ho (Ahn Jae Hyun) now finds himself with a formidable rival.  With his attention divided between Hye Jin and Won Ho, Ki Myung has no idea his classmate, Kwak Eun Jin (Sulli) has been harboring a crush of her own. Attempting a transformation of her own, in order to catch Ki Myung’s eye, will this once ordinary high school student ever come to realize that what he wants most in the world has been standing in front of him this entire time? Based on the webtoon of the same name by Kian84, “Fashion King” is a 2014 coming of age comedy film directed by Oh Ki Hwan.