Love 911

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 Kang Il (Go Soo) is a highly skilled firefighter with a troubled past. When his wife was involved in an accident, he chose to help another individual who appeared to be in a more perilous condition – a decision that ultimately cost his wife’s life. Since that day, he has been wracked with guilt and has almost recklessly thrown himself in the path of danger in a bid to save lives wherever possible. Meanwhile, Mi Soo (Han Hyo Joo) is a doctor at a large general hospital. But when she one day makes a wrongful assumption about a patient, she lands in legal hot water. She assumes that a woman has been assaulted by her husband, when it turns out the patient had another condition. As the case heads to court, her lawyer advises her to get Kang Il to testify against the husband for an assault that the latter committed. But Kang Il wants nothing to do with her initially – a fact that leads her to desperation, attempting to strike up a romantic relationship with him and even joining a paramedic unit in a bid to spend more time by his side. The ruse starts to unravel when she actually starts to develop genuine romantic feelings for Kang Il...but does he feel the same way? “911 Love” is a 2012 South Korean movie that was directed and co-written by Jeon Gi Hyun.