Lost and Love

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 A farmer named Lei Ze Kuan (Andy Lau) suffers a cruel fate when his two-year-old son is abducted, possibly by human traffickers, in September 1999. Since that day, he has searched the length and breadth of China on a 15-year-long mission to find his son. He travels everywhere on his motorbike, decorated with flags bearing images of his son as an infant, handing out flyers and leaflets to everyone he meets in a desperate attempt to find the boy. His journey has taken him through tiny villages and massive cities alike, drawing a mix of scorn and pity from the residents. Taking his tips from internet websites and social media platforms, he meticulously logs his progress on a large map he carries around with him in a briefcase. But things change for Lei Ze Kuan when he runs into a teenaged mechanic named Zeng Shu Ai (Jing Bo Ran). The latter has learned that he was also abducted as a child, and has begun to search for his biological parents. The duo decides to team up in an effort to track down the people they are so desperate to find. When they learn of a possible lead concerning a bridge in Chengdu, they decide to investigate... “Lost and Love” is a 2015 Chinese movie that was directed by Peng San Yuan.