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After rigorous training in 1930s Russia, four Chinese Communist Party agents are set to embark on a mission of utmost importance. With plans to air-drop into the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo, Zhang Xian Chen (Zhang Yi), Wang Yu (Qin Hai Lu), Chu Liang (Zhu Ya Wen), and Xiao Lan (Liu Hao Cun) set out on a secret mission, code-named “Utrennya.” Tasked with identifying and rescuing a Chinese informer from the brutal Japanese army, the four agents must bring the informer to Harbin. Little did they know, their mission was doomed from the start.  Dropping into a snow-covered Manchukuo forest, the agents are almost immediately separated by forces which seem to have been waiting for their arrival. Desperate to survive, the now separated agents must do their best to find a way to carry out their mission on their own, but both teams are met at every turn by overwhelming opposition and darkest deceptions. With death lurking around every corner, the agents soon realize there’s a traitor in their midst, but who that traitor is remains a mystery. With friends turning foe, and foes claiming to be friends, no one can be trusted and nowhere is safe. Will these desperate agents be able to carry out their mission or will they be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice for comrades and country? Based on a script by Quan Yong Xian, “Cliff Walkers” is a 2021 historical spy thriller film directed by Zhang Yi Mou.