Beautiful Accident

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As a single, career-driven woman, Li Yu Ran (Kwai Lun Mei) had everything she needed in life to be happy. A successful attorney, with a well-established practice, she had the income to do what she pleased, whenever she pleased, and she never once had to worry about anyone other than herself. While there might have been those in her life who wished she would shift her focus to a more domesticated lifestyle, Yu Ran was happy and she had no intention of changing anything anytime soon. But fate, it would seem, had other plans. Involved in a horrific car accident, Yu Ran wakes to find herself trapped in a horrifying alternate reality. No longer single, nor an attorney, Yu Ran is now the full-time housewife of Zhang Tao (Chen Kun), a demanding architect and the mother of his two difficult children. With no idea how she got here or how she’s ever going to find a way back to her old life, Yu Ran has little choice but to accept her fate. Taking on the challenges of married life and motherhood, Yu Ran does her best; but stepping into a life you never imagined for yourself isn’t easy. Will she find a way to adjust to her new life or will she find a way to return to the one she left behind? An entertaining story full of “what ifs”, “Beautiful Accident” is a 2017 comedy drama film directed by Ho Wi Ding.