Chongqing Hot Pot

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Liu Bo (Chen Kun) is a man with heavy gambling debts. He has teamed up with Xu Dong (Qin Hao) Four Eyes (Yu En Tai), his former schoolmates to launch a business venture. They have decided to follow along with a food craze and open a hot pot eatery. For their restaurant location, they decided to use a converted bomb shelter in a built-up urban area. But trade is not going well and they consider selling the business and cutting their losses. An interested buyer wants to buy the place, but only if they expand it before selling. They decide to do so, but accidentally drill through a wall leading to a neighboring bank’s money-filled vaults! The friends are suddenly faced with a dilemma – should they take the money and run, or confess to their mistake? By chance, they discover that Yu Xiao Hui (Bai Bai He), another former classmate, happens to work at the bank, and agrees to help them patch up the damage before the bank finds out and alerts the police that there has been a break-in. But clearing up after this chaotic mess turns out to be a much bigger job than any of these former schoolmates could have imagined! “Chongqing Hot Pot” is a 2016 Chinese movie that was written and directed by Yang Qing.