For a Few Bullets

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In pre-World War II China, the nation is under attack from the Imperial Japanese, who have attempted to colonize Nanjing. The invaders are trying to add legitimacy to their rule, and have hatched a plan to do just that by stealing a precious cultural relic, a dragon-motif wine vessel with a hidden tale to tell. To foil them, Zhuang (Lin Geng Xin), a hustler who thinks that he has no peer in the world of con artists, steps up to the plate. He must work with the cool-headed secret agent Ruo Yun (Zhang Jing Chu) if he is to complete the task. With rival spies from the Soviet Union also on the hunt for the relic, the duo must also seek help from a wizened con artist named Shi Fo (Tengger) and his wife (Liu Xiao Qing). But as this motley crew tries to defend the relic against its would-be thieves, they end up accidentally exposing its biggest secret. As the hunt intensifies, can the quartet succeed in their important quest? “For a Few Bullets” is a 2016 Chinese movie that was directed by Pan An Zi.