New York, New York



The year is 1994 and China is booming: Western-style luxury living is the order of the day, and everyone wants a piece of the action, particularly in the Shanghai hotel scene. In the city’s outstanding five-star hotel, Lu Tu (Ethan Juan) has risen to become the concierge – becoming the youngest man ever to do so, despite the fact that he comes from a sad background: His father abandoned his family when Lu Tan was just a child. Lu Tan has worked hard and he is highly thought of and popular among patrons and co-workers alike. He has also embarked on a love affair with Juan (Du Juan), a stunningly beautiful woman who takes advantage of her looks to gain the attention of rich, older men. But Lu Tu finds himself at a crossroads when a man nicknamed Mr. Money (Michael Miu) arrives on the scene. Although he was born in Shanghai, Mr. Money is actually a Chinese-American. He had returned to the city to recruit staff for a new hotel he is planning to open in New York’s Manhattan. Lu Tu is torn: Should he stay in Shanghai to be near his family and his lover – or could he make things work for him in the USA? “New York, New York” is a 2016 Chinese-Hong Kong movie that was directed by Luo Dong.