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Struggling to find any sort of break in their flailing careers, a squad of down-on-their-luck detectives are tasked with bringing down a narcotics kingpin known only as The General. Desperate to turn their careers around, Detectives Du Yu Fei (Wang Qian Yuan), Xiao Hua Je (Mabel Yuan), Neng Shu (Liu Hua), and Chen Li (Zhou You) take the case and immediately start tracking the dangerous drug lord. Following suspects to what they believe to be The General’s base of operations, the team of detectives soon realize that the best vantage point for a stakeout is none other than the neighboring lobster restaurant. A decrepit place run by a man not wholly in his right mind, the detectives manage to raise enough money to buy the restaurant, clean it up, and use it as a front while they observe the nearby drug lord. Opening the restaurant under the guise of a local family business, the detectives are wholly unprepared for the restaurant's overnight success. With Neng Shu having once dreamed of becoming a chef, his spicy crayfish recipe draws not only an overwhelming number of customers, but it entices the drug lord’s cronies as well.  Now in daily contact with the criminals they’re watching, the four detectives soon discover their target is only one player in a much larger game. Determined to bring the whole operation down, the detectives set out to do just that but are they really prepared for what lies ahead? A humorous tale of crustaceans and crime, “Lobster Cop” is a 2018 crime comedy film directed by Li Xin Yun.