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A thick and seemingly endless mist has descended on a major Chinese city, spreading misery and despair among the residents who dream of gusts of cold wind that will finally break the clouds and grant them respite. Unbeknown to the mortals below, the mist is actually the work of a mischievous weather deity who has battled back other gods to ensure the mist stays in place. This misery has been something of a boon for Ma Le (Yang Xiao), a psychologist with unconventional methods who (mostly unsuccessfully) tries to heal patients of their depression – charging hefty fees for his services. When the warring deities’ battle results in a powerful force landing on the city and embodying Ma Le, the psychologist sudenly finds himself in possession of phenomenal superhuman powers. The gods, fearing total environmental collapse for the city, come to Earth to lend their aid – but soon discover that they will need help and that only Ma Le holds the key to the city’s salvation! “Airpocalypse” is a 2018 Chinese movie that was written and directed by Yang Xiao.