Moonlight Shadow

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Meeting on the banks of a moonlit river, Satsuki (Nana Komatsu) and Hitoshi (Hio Miyazawa) couldn’t have planned a more romantic meet-cute. As if made for each other, the two quickly fall in love, their relationship so perfect, it seems almost too good to be real. Madly in love with his new girlfriend, Hitoshi can’t wait to introduce Satsuki to his little brother, Hiiragi (Himi Sato) and his brother’s girlfriend, Yumiko (Nana Nakahara), a girl with a slight obsession with the paranormal. Instantly hitting it off, the four enjoy an almost unnatural happiness. Unfortunately that happiness doesn’t last long. Involved in a lethal traffic accident, Satsuki and Hiiragi are forced to say goodbye to Hitoshi and Yumiko forever. Overwhelmed by both guilt and grief, the two survivors have no choice but to find a way to move on; but letting go of those you love most is easier said than done. Sinking deeper into a depression that drives them both to the brink, only the sudden appearance of a mysterious woman who seems to walk between this world and the next, can bring them back.  Dangling the prospect of reuniting with their lost loves before them, Satsuki and Hiiragi follow where the mysterious Urara (Asami Usuda) leads. But will she make good on her promises to reunite them with their lost loves or lead them down a path from which there is no escape? Based on the 1988 short story by Banana Yoshimoto, “Moonlight Shadow” is a 2021 drama film directed by Edmund Yeo.