Seo Bok



Min Gi Heon (Gong Yoo) is a former South Korean intelligence agent who suffers from crippling migraines. His life has gone off the rails since he left the service. But when he runs into his former boss at the agency, he is offered a rare chance at professional redemption. The task is not an easy one, however: He must help transport a man named Seo Bok (Park Bo Gum) to a new location. Seo Bok is the first human clone. But he is also much more than that. He has remarkable telekinetic powers. And his DNA contains a plethora of secrets pertaining to self-healing. His cells could be adapted to create an injection that would allow a human to live forever. All this makes Seo Bok a priceless target – and groups hoping to make a fortune from his DNA start to hatch plans to capture him. Soon, terrorists begin to mobilize and make their move. But, little do they know, Seo Bok has grown aware of his own powers...and has no intention of going down without a fight! “Seo Bok” is a 2021 South Korean movie that was directed by Lee Yong Ju.