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Lee Jung Soo (Ha Jung Woo) is an auto salesman who has bought a cake and is driving home to celebrate the birthday of his young kindergarten-age daughter. His drive home takes him through a long tunnel named Hado. But when he has made it halfway through, he realizes something is terribly wrong. The entire tunnel collapses, but miraculously he has survived, although his car has been crushed by the falling concrete and rubble. At first, the public is horrified by the news, and Dae Kyung (Oh Dal Soo), the head of an accident response team, arrives at the scene, where he is able to make contact with Lee Jung Soo. The rescuers believe that Lee Jung Soo is the only survivor, and, at first, make desperate but fruitless attempts to save him. His wife Se Hyun (Bae Doo Na) is also able to communicate with him, and Lee Jung Soo discovers he may not be the only person to be trapped in the rubble. But as the rescue mission drags on – and threatens to compromise the construction of another major tunnel, some politicians start to question whether it is worth continuing the search… “Tunnel” is a 2016 South Korean movie that was written and directed by Kim Seong Hun.