Legend of the Demon Cat



Kukai (Sometani Shota) is a Japanese monk who has traveled to the Chang’an, the Tang Dynasty’s capital, to study an important Buddhist work. But his studies are quickly interrupted when the Tang Emperor appears to have become possessed. An exorcist is summoned, who finds cat hair in the Emperor’s room. Kukai is aided by an imperial official and budding poet known as Bai Le Tian (also known as Bei Ju Yi) (Huang Xuan), who explains that a rumor is circulating concerning a strange talking “demon” cat who lives in the home of a royal guard. A series of deaths at the court cause further panic and the duo decides to investigate. But as Kukai and Bai Ju Yi start to follow the trail of the vicious, talking feline, they start to understand that the case may somehow be linked to the untimely death of a famously beautiful Imperial concubine named Yang Gui Fei, whom some say was strangled to death many years ago. Their quest takes them to the heart of an intrigue that has lasted decades. But is the cat really at the center of all the trouble? “Legend of the Demon Cat” is a 2017 Chinese movie that was directed by Chen Kaige.