Once Upon a Time

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Seventy thousand years ago, the fox goddess Bai Qian (Liu Yi Fei) studied under the great God of War, Mo Yuan (Yang Yang). Despite her best efforts to resist Mo Yuan’s many charms, Bai Qian fell in love with her master and he her; but their happiness was not fated to last long. In a brutal battle with the Tribe of the Demon King, Mo Yuan realized that the only way to seal away the Demon King was to sacrifice himself in the process. With his soul scattered and his body preserved in a block of ice, Mo Yuan successfully sealed away the evil, leaving Bai Qian to continue on, through all of eternity, without him by her side. Awaiting for Mo Yuan’s eventual awakening and return, Bai Qian took Mo Yuan’s body back to Qing Qiu, the mystical land of her family. Continuing on with her life as best as she could, Bai Qian agrees to attend a banquet at the East Sea Dragon Palace where she not only saves a boy by the name of Ah Li (Peng Zi Su) from being kidnapped, but also meets Ye Hua (Yang Yang), the Crown Prince of the Heaven Tribe, and her betrothed. It doesn’t take long for Ye Hua to realize that Bai Qian is actually Su Su (Liu Yi Fei), a mortal woman he had fallen in love with three hundred years ago. But Bai Qian has no memories of their time together. Caught in a tangled love story spanning hundreds of years, Bai Qian and Ye Hua struggle to understand why their fates seem to be eternally intertwined. Will the sudden return of the Demon King be the key that unlocks the mystery of their long-entwined fate? Adapted from the novel, “Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” by TangQi Gongzi, “Once Upon a Time” is a 2017 romantic drama fantasy film directed by Zhao Xiao Ding.