Deliver Us from Evil

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In Nam (Hwang Jung Min) is a South Korean hired killer who has decided to turn his back on his deadly profession for good after finishing off a job in Japan, where he was hired to kill a mafia kingpin. He completes the task and believes he can now draw a line under his “old life.” But events far away in Thailand drag him back into the mire, when his former flame Young Joo (Choi Hee Soo) is abducted. When things take a tragic turn, he decides to travel to Thailand to investigate. But In Nam is unaware that he may be connected to Young Joo’s child Yoo Min (Park So Yi), whose life could now be in danger. He decides to help, but is immediately dragged into a deadly struggle when Ray (Lee Jung Jae), the brother of the mob boss he just killed, travels from South Korea in the bloody pursuit of revenge. Can In Nam keep Yoo Min out of harm’s way? Or will his “old life” catch up with him, no matter what he tries? “Deliver Us from Evil” is a 2020 South Korean film that was written and directed by Hong Won Chan.