Love Detective

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An all-female Cantopop group made up of four young models and named Yogurt has been receiving death threats, and the police are worried for the members’ safety. Detectives hatch a plan: They will place an undercover operative in the group’s talent agency to see if they can get to the heart of the matter. So they turn to Wong Yuen Bo (Ivana Wong), a former star police officer with a martial arts background and an IQ of 189. But Wong Yuen Bo has been at home for a year, wallowing in self-pity since her boyfriend of seven years dumped her suddenly to start a relationship with a young model. Motivated by her resentment of her boyfriend and his new flame, she agrees to take the job – although infiltrating the world of modeling and Cantopop doesn’t exactly come easy for her. Things get even trickier for Wong Yuen Bo when the threats begin to intensify and violence comes knocking. And to make matters even more bizarre, the model management firm owner’s son Dai Chi (Pakho Chau) stars to take a shine to Wong Yuen Bo... “Love Detective” is a 2015 Hong Kong movie that was directed by Jill Wong.