Show Me Your Love



Born in Hong Kong, Nin (Raymond Wong) was abruptly moved to Malaysia by a mother who rarely took the time to explain herself or her reasons. Despising every moment of his time in Malaysia, Nin spent his days living with a growing sense of dread as he began to suspect that his mother, Sze-nga (Nina Paw) was planning on abandoning him. Doing just that, Nin was raised by his aunt, but with other relatives around to constantly remind him that he wasn’t a true member of the family, Nin never quite felt at home. Without so much as a second thought, Nin happily left his life in Malaysia behind him, as soon as he was able. Returning to Hong Kong as a university student, Nin studied hard and quickly settled into life on his own. Now a successful teacher, married to an even more successful real estate agent, Sau Ian (Ivana Wong), Nin has never once given a thought to the life he left behind. But when an unexpected phone call brings all of those painful memories rushing back, Nin has no choice but to return to the last place on earth he ever wanted to be. Forced to reunite with the mother he had all but forgotten, Nin and Sze-nga have a chance to make a fresh start but to do so, they must first learn to let go of the pain of the past. Will this estranged mother and son find a way to heal the breach between them or will decades of animosity prove to be too much to overcome? A sentimental tale of love and family, “Show Me Your Love” is a 2016 drama film directed by Ryon Lee.