Bio Raiders



As a doctor, Li Yao Shi (Chin Siu Ho) has long heard tales of a flower that can not only heal the sick but replenish a person’s blood as well. Ever curious about the mysterious flower, Yao Shi has often searched for such a thing during his nightly treks into the wild to gather herbs. Little did he know that the flower he sought was one he had already found. Approached in the woods one night by Pearl (Hu Xiang Zhen), the daughter of a man he had once saved from death, Yao Shi soon finds himself in a whole lot of trouble as he’s forced into a ritual of which he wants no part. With his hands quite literally tied, Yao Shi is saved by the sudden arrival of a strange group of soldiers led by an old acquaintance of his, General Lei (Billy Lau). Having both once studied under the great Master Mo (Richard Ng), Lei now desperately searches for a way to cure his mortally wounded son (Eddy Law). Knowing full-well that Yao Shi has the ability to save his son, Yao Shi is taken to the young general, but his attempts at healing go terribly awry. Haunted by the mistakes of his past while also plagued by the horrors of his present failure, Yao Shi must find a way to undo what’s been done. But will he be able to outrun the monsters which now hunt him long enough to set things right? A tale of monsters and mayhem, “Bio Raiders” is a 2017 horror comedy film directed by Tommy Leung.