Lucky Fat Man

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Working as an accountant, and occasionally helping out in his wife’s family restaurant, Chow Chong Fat (Bob Lam) should have been happily settled in what many would consider the ideal married life. But with a wife as spiteful as Wat Kam Heung (Ling Ling Mak), Chong Fat has never had the pleasure of experiencing marital bliss. Married for nearly ten years, Chong Fat and Kam Heung have bickered and argued their way through the past decade and from where Chong Fat is sitting, his future looks just as bleak. Bullied by not only his wife, but the entirety of his wife’s family, Chong Fat is anything but happy. Dreaming of a life much different than his own, Chong Fat wishes he could find a way to change his fate. Determined to test his luck, Chong Fat purchases a lottery ticket and is absolutely beside himself when he realizes that his ticket is the HK $20 million winner. As if winning the lottery wasn’t incredible enough, Chong Fat is soon reunited with his long-lost first love, Ceci (Natalie Tong). With fortune so obviously smiling upon him, Chong Fat is ready to change his life. But will this change end up being for the better or worse? A story of fate and love, “Lucky Fat Man” is a 2017 comedy film directed by Jill Wong.