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In Hong Kong’s thriving underground, bare-knuckle fighting scene, Kit Fok (Ricky Fan) is on an awesome winning streak. Trained by the street-smart coach Dubble (Ken Lo) at the latter’s gym, he has all the makings of a martial arts champion. Meanwhile, the aspiring young actress Effy Lam (Venus Wong) is keen to land a part where she will need to exhibit martial arts fighting skills – so comes to the gym to learn some moves. She and Kit Fok begin to develop feelings for one another. But trouble is brewing when the gym landlord threatens Dubble, who is struggling to make ends meet. that he must either buy the property from him or close up and move out. A former student of Dubble’s named Lok (Sam Lee) turns up. He has spent several years in prison and blames his fall from grace on Dubble. He comes to his former mentor with a dangerous offer: He will reward Dubble with the money he needs – but only if Kit Fok agrees to fight a vicious opponent who – rumor has it – once killed a man in the ring. Kit Fok agrees to the bout, but his opponent proves to be every bit as ruthless and brutal as his reputation suggests… “Unleashed” is a 2020 Hong Kong movie that was directed by Ambrose Kwok and Kwok Ka Hei.