A Lifetime Treasure

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A crime boss named Rainy Cloud (Lam Suet) has developed a grudge against the owner of a care home for senior citizens. He wants to do away with the home so he can make use of the land it is built on. Unsure of how to achieve his nefarious goal, he finally decides to send two of his mobster minions – Chun (Louis Cheung) and Lok (Bob Lam) – to infiltrate the home and wreck it from the inside. But sabotaging this care home proves to be a much harder task than it first seemed: The home’s residents include a master thief, an ex-secret service agent, and a man once known as the world’s most outstanding detective – a man known as “Uncle Crab” (Sammo Hung). The duo successfully infiltrates the home, but the next step proves difficult. Although the residents are blighted by dementia, failing memories, and physical frailty, they still have some of their wits and talents about them. Little by little, they get wise to Rainy Cloud’s game and decide to do their best to foil it. But can they succeed in foiling this evil plan – and convincing the mobster duo to change their allegiance? “A Lifetime Treasure” is a 2019 Hong Kong movie that was directed by Andrew Lam.