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On a faraway planet lives a race of aliens. As they do not need men and women to mate in order to reproduce, the concept of love does not exist on their home planet. But when one of their kind escapes to Earth looking for love, his sister Angela comes looking for him, hoping to save him. But during her search, she meets a tender-hearted but naive young man named Tian Yi (starring Wang Tian Yu). A number of aliens come searching for Angela, worried that she is about to run into trouble. Equipped with advanced alien technology, Angela and the other aliens can inhabit human bodies. But her grandfather (Law Kar Ying) warns that grave danger is ahead for the aliens if they do not leave Earth. And he turns out to be right. An evil scientist has got wind about the alien presence on Earth and has decided to stop at nothing in his quest to capture Angela – even tricking the government into helping him by sending special agents in pursuit. As the stakes get higher, Tian Yi’s feelings for Angela get deeper – but the net is closing and time is running out... “My Alien Girlfriend” is a 2017 Hong Kong movie that was directed by Ding Ya Jun.