Kidnap Ding Ding Don

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Don Li (Alex Fong) wakes up in a house he has never seen before and finds a woman named Ding Ding (Ivana Wong) in the building with her. She claims he has kidnapped her, but he appears to have no recollection of doing anything of the sort. Demanding, spoiled, and attention-seeking, she attempts to bully him into doing what she asks. He insists he is no kidnapper and says she is free to leave. But Ding Ding appears to have other plans: She is intent on capturing her father’s attention and tries to coerce Don into pretending to be a real kidnapper – making him send a threatening message, claiming that he will brutally murder her if he does not cough up a huge ransom. Don attempts to free himself of this bind, but Ding Ding insists that he play along. But as they begin to spend more time together, these mismatched people start to develop an increasingly warm relationship. What will happen when Ding Ding’s family gets involved? And could Don’s innocent charms calm Ding Ding’s brat-like behavior? “Kidnapper Ding Ding Don” is a 2016 movie that was directed by Wilson Chin.