The Point Men

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The year is 2007 and in Afghanistan, a bloody multinational conflict is raging, with a range of troops from the United States and its allies – including South Korea – are stationed in the country. This small 200 soldier-strong force is stationed in the country but is due to withdraw by the year’s end. Meanwhile, a group of Christian missionaries from a South Korean Presbyterian church has entered the country, against government guidelines, on a quest to evangelize among the Afghan population. While moving through the Ghazni Province by bus, the group is kidnapped by armed Taliban gunmen who hold the group hostage. The terrorists believe that the South Korean civilians will make an ideal bargaining chip in their effort to raise money and force an early exit from the South Korean forces. The South Korean government is reluctant to bargain with terrorists, but the gunmen threaten to kill the hostages one by one if their demands are not met. Seoul dispatches Dae Sik (Hyun Bin), a National Intelligence Service agent, and the diplomat Jae Ho (Hwang Jung Min) to the warzone to negotiate for the group’s lives. It’s a dangerous mission, and soon not only are the hostages at risk, but also their two would-be rescuers. This film is based on a true story of events that took place in 2007. “The Point Men” is a 2023 South Korean movie that was directed by Yim Soon Rye.