Miracle: Letters to the President

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Growing up in a small remote village in North Gyeongsang Province, Jung Jun Kyung (Park Jung Min) has spent his entire life all but cut-off from the world around him. With a deplorable lack of usable roads running in and out of his village, the only real way for Jun Kyung and the rest of the villagers to get anywhere is to walk along the railroad tracks that run through the town. With an unpredictable train schedule, such trips are dangerous at best and far too often, they end in horrifying tragedy. The son of an engineer, Jun Kyung has often wondered why no train station exists in his village. Now in high school, Jun Kyung has taken it upon himself to turn his lifelong dream of a village train station into a reality. By writing endless letters to the President, asking for permission to build a train station in his tiny village, Jun Kyung is convinced that it’s only a matter of time before the station is built. But things don’t quite work out the way he planned. On the verge of giving up, Jun Kyung finds renewed determination after befriending his classmate, Song Ra Hee (Yoona). A firm believer in pursuing dreams, Ra Hee gives Jun Kyung the inspiration he needs to keep going. Finding fresh inspiration and a renewed sense of determination, Jun Kyung and the village residents set out to turn this one dream into reality. Do they have what it takes to make this single dream come true? Based on a true story, “Miracle: Letters to the President” is a 2021 drama film directed by Lee Jang Hoon.